Welcome to HappyFeet Charlotte's Preschool Program

Where Soccer Adventures Begin Right at Your Child’s School

Our weekly preschool classes are designed to bring the joy of soccer right to your child’s preschool or early learning center. No more rushing to and from soccer practice after a busy day – we come to you!

What Makes Our Preschool Program Special:

📚 Seamless Integration with Classroom Learning:
Our 30-minute program is carefully scheduled to avoid any interference with your child’s classroom learning time. Our professional coaches deliver our amazing curriculum in a way that complements and enriches your child’s education.

🚗 Perfect for Busy Families:
We understand how hectic life can be. That’s why we bring the soccer action to your child’s school. No need to load up the car and drive elsewhere – embrace quality family time with soccer right at your convenience.

🏆 Nurturing Growth and Fun:
As your child continues to learn and advance, we introduce more challenging soccer moves, including dynamic dribbling, shooting skills, and the exciting art of striking the ball to score! All of this is achieved in a non-competitive environment, encouraging your little one to explore new skills and embrace the joy of trying new things.

Enrollment Details:

🏫 Held Weekly at Partner Schools:
To participate in our preschool program, your child must be enrolled at one of our partner schools. We visit your child’s school once a week, ensuring a hassle-free soccer experience.

⏰ No Interference with Classroom Learning:
Rest assured, our 30-minute “story-time with a soccer ball” curriculum is thoughtfully delivered at a time that won’t disrupt your child’s classroom learning.

📝 Simple Registration Process:
Registering for our weekly preschool classes is easy! Just click the link below, choose the name of your child’s school from the list, and submit the form with as much information as possible. You’ll receive a confirmation via email, and your child will join the soccer fun in the next scheduled class!

📱 Stay Connected with Brightwheel:
As part of our weekly preschool class registration, you’ll gain access to our Brightwheel communications app. This platform enables us to share photos and videos safely and securely with parents, providing weekly updates and communication about what your child is learning in class.

Join the Soccer Adventure Today!

At HappyFeet Charlotte, we believe in nurturing your child’s love for soccer right at their school. Join our preschool program today and let the soccer adventures begin! Together, we’ll create lasting memories and build a strong foundation for your child’s soccer journey.