HappyFeet Charlotte Soccer Player Development Centers


Welcome to HappyFeet Charlotte, the premier destination for youth soccer in the Charlotte area, designed specifically for children ages 2-6. Our unique year-long leagues provide a seamless and joyful soccer journey, eliminating the hassle of repeated sign-ups and creating an endless world of soccer exploration for your child.

Why HappyFeet Charlotte Stands Out:

  • Continuous Enrollment: Join our soccer family once and stay for the adventure! Our no-boundaries program means your child enjoys continuous soccer fun and learning throughout the year, fostering consistent growth and confidence.
  • Flexible Start Dates: We align with your dynamic life! HappyFeet Charlotte offers rolling enrollment, allowing your child to start their soccer journey whenever you're ready. Select from various locations within 20 minutes of Charlotte to find the perfect fit for your family's schedule.
  • Adaptable Membership: Life's full of changes, and we get that. Our program offers the flexibility to cancel or adjust your child's participation with just a 30-day notice, ensuring your peace of mind and fitting soccer into your life, not the other way around.
  • Year-Round Soccer Development: Our program ensures your child’s skills and soccer understanding continually progress, thanks to our year-round schedule. Witness their development as they grow stronger, more skilled, and more passionate about the game with each session.
  • Inclusive, Supportive Community: HappyFeet Charlotte is more than just soccer; it's a community. We emphasize diversity, inclusion, and a family-friendly environment, where every child feels valued and supported by our dedicated coaches, fostering love for the game and important life skills.

Elevate Your Child's Game with Charlotte Soccer Factory: As your child grows with HappyFeet, opportunities abound for further development. Our HF/CSF Juniors program offers advanced training for 3-6 year-olds, while older children (6-12) can progress to the Charlotte Soccer Factory Player Development Center, ensuring a smooth transition as they advance in their soccer journey.

Join Us for Unforgettable Soccer Experiences: Don’t put off the fun and learning any longer! Start your child’s soccer journey with HappyFeet Charlotte today and dive into the excitement of uninterrupted soccer. Build friendships, develop skills, and share in the joy of soccer with us. Embark on this incredible adventure and watch the beautiful game come to life for your child.

Join HappyFeet Charlotte now and give your child the gift of soccer fun, learning, and personal growth. Start a journey they'll treasure forever!

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